ceraMotion® Z blank Cubic Multishade, A2 / 14 mm


1 piece

CE 0483 0483 
Multi-shaded, pre-shaded and ultra-highly translucent zirconium oxide for inlays, veneers, single crowns and 3-unit bridges. Suitable for all open CAD/CAM systems.
Advantages and indication:
  • reliable reproducibility for high-level aesthetics
  • natural, smooth shade transition from cervical to incisal
  • available in the 9 most popular V-shades
  • particularly suitable for inlays, onlays, monolithic crowns and 3-unit bridges
  • excellent machinability
  • translucency 49 % (non-shaded, 1 mm)
  • optimum finishing with ceraMotion® One Touch and veneering with ceraMotion® Zr
  • The values listed were measured on test samples and are typical for the material. The product properties may, however, deviate from these values depending on the component design and the forming process.