remanium® star, bonding alloy


50 g

CE 0483 0483 
Modern bonding alloy with excellent processing properties and low hardness. Suitable for all processing technologies.
  • extremely easy to work with, especially when milling or polishing due to the exceptionally reduced hardness
  • for all processing technologies such as casting, milling and laser melting
  • excellent melting and flow behavior
  • excellent ceramic fusion because of the low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • no oxide firing required
  • long time cooling is only recommended for long-span bridges
  • particularly recommended for telescopic work
  • suitable for laser welding because it is carbon free
  • flexibility in casting: can be melt in a high frequency induction casting unit, or with the propane/oxygen torch
  • increased efficiency

Other elements < 1%: N, Mn, Nb