CONTEC lc set


1 set

For bonding metal brackets and buccal tubes, ceramic brackets and plastic brackets.
For approx. 800 brackets (40 treatment cases).
A plastic primer must be used to bond plastic brackets.
  • 3 x CONTEC lc bracket adhesive, each 3 g (REF 163-111-00)
  • 1 x CONTEC lc / lcr primer, 5 ml (REF 163-113-10)
  • 2 x CONTEC etching gel, each 2.5 ml (REF 163-115-00)
  • 6 x CONTEC disposable tube for etching gel
  • 50 x CONTEC disposable brush
  • 1 x CONTEC combination instrument
  • 1 x CONTEC mixing pad

When used with metal and ceramic brackets, CONTEC lc is free of BisGMA, TEGDMA and HEMA.
CONTEC lc, used with plastic brackets, is free of TEGDMA and HEMA.