remanium® kompendium, Chapter 2, Cast Partial Dentures, english


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remanium® kompendium

On reading this compendium the dental technician will find a large collection of valuable information and tips regarding the manufacture of crowns and bridges made from non-precious metal alloys. This unique reference book was compiled by an experienced team of authors, all of whom are familiar with every day laboratory practice.

Cast Partial Dentures

The second part of the compendium series shows the dental technical process of fabricating a cast metal denture with clasps. Starting with model analysis and the fundamental principles of static and balance, the entire production process up to the polishing stage is shown. Finally, a description of the different types of clasps available and practice examples round the whole concept off.    

  • Comprehensive teaching and practice manual
  • Tips and advice on processing
  • More than 320 pictures
  • 114 pages
  • A5 size